What Does This Year Sound Like?

IMG_1745At the beginning of this year, I told myself I would branch out and listen to different music. Well, as I suspected it hasn’t happened. I’m stuck on these albums that came out years ago.I think the music god’s heard my prayers. Now those bands I overplay have released new music. Others plan to do so this year. Where should I start?

CARDI B. I didn’t listen to Cardi B until her hit single, Bodak Yellow took over. I knew her as that girl from the, “a hoe never gets cold” legendary vine. She recently dropped two songs, “Be Careful” and “Drip” which features Migos. I instantly fell in love with “Be Careful.” In the song shes allegedly speaking to her current fiance Offset. I don’t know if it was the beat that captured my attention or the way she raps about Offset chasing “culo” and “putas.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the poor man. Cardi is far from the end of her career.

ALBERT HAMMOND, JR. FRANCIS TROUBLE!!!! Not one song disappointed me! I can hear the first song on the album, “DvsL” being on a soundtrack to a movie or in an opening scene. Albert is a member of one of the best bands in the world (not my opinion, Jesus Christ agrees) The Strokes. I’ve always loved his sound individually. It still has that amazing guitar sounds that The Strokes have. “Set to Attack” and “Tea for Two” have to be my two favorite songs on the album. Listen to it. AMAZING

THE VOIDZ. Okay Okay. I’m not saying they’re amazing just because of Julian Casablancas. Although, Julian is.. JULIAN. This isn’t favoritism; I’m merely saying, The Voidz and Albert have amazing albums. The band recently changed their name from, Julian Casablancas + The Voidz to simply, The Voidz. When their single QYURRYUS dropped, I didn’t know I needed that much autotune from Julian in my life. Did I feel like an alien? I don’t know what I felt, but it was fucking cool. LEAVE IT IN MY DREAMS. This song. MY FAVORITE. Everything about it. I’ve listened to it an unhealthy amount of times. This is my song of the year (so far). When he sings, “I’m falling, I’m your man” at the opening of the song I lost my shit. Plain and simple.

MGMT. Their new album, “Little Dark Age” made me feel like I was in a scene of “Call Me by your Name.” Their sound on this album gave me 60’s/80’s vibes. “Me and Michael” and “Hand it Over” are my favorites. “Me and Michael” makes me want to fall in love. While “Hand it Over,” is a slow song, the echoey voice throughout the song makes it perfect and pure.

THERE’S TOO MUCH!!!! These are just some of my favorite’s at the moment. HEY EZRA KOENIG DROP THE MOTHER FUCKING ALBUM ALREADY!


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